Vitamin D
There’s a great deal of talk about Vitamin D and how much we need and how to get it.  One of the main reasons we don’t get enough Vitamin D is because when we are outside we are covered with sunscreen and wearing sunglasses.  Our skin is our largest pour and covering it with sunscreen, (most of them with harmful toxins in them causing cancer versus preventing it), we block Vitamin D from being absorbed. Vitamin D is fat-soluble to enhance intestinal absorption of... + read more
Counting Calories
Calories are not the answer to losing weight and being in healthy.  It’s all about nutrition.  Unfortunately, due to GMO’d food nutrition is at a minimal in our food.  This article from Dr. Mercola will shed some light on the myths of counting calories and foods that are getting a bad rap as well as foods that we rely too much on to keep us feeling “in the pink”.  
With over 5600 peer-reviewed and published biomedical studies Turmeric has proven to have over 600 potential preventive and therapeutic applications a well as 175 beneficial physiological effects. From helping fight cholesterol, cancer, naturally thinning the blood, diabetes as well as an Anti-inflammatory why wouldn’t one start incorporating Turmeric into their diets. Its power comes from its component curcumin. The link below will give you the full article and facts of the benefits of... + read more
Obesity is THE cause to our health care issues of heart disease, diabetes just to name a few of the many health issues we are fighting today.  Unfortunately, it all stems from our food and what is in it.  The movie Fed Up was released May, 2014.  Although I have not yet viewed it I found this article another validation to why I started my site.  When I network I try very gingerly to explain to people why eating food from big box stores and even your favorite butcher is... + read more
I Love Coffee
I love coffee.  It was, and I repeat was, a major part of my daily routine.  There’s nothing like the smell of fresh brewed coffee but once I began changing my lifestyle I realized I had to cut out the coffee.  I still enjoy a latte every once in a while but once I found out it was robing my bones of vital nutrients and making my body acidic I knew I had to cut it back to cut it out.  The  following list provided by Dr. Russell Brokstein and others will give you... + read more


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