Obesity Is Rising At Rates We Can’t Keep Up With

Obesity is THE cause to our health care issues of heart disease, diabetes just to name a few of the many health issues we are fighting today.  Unfortunately, it all stems from our food and what is in it.  The movie Fed Up was released May, 2014.  Although I have not yet viewed it I found this article another validation to why I started my site.  When I network I try very gingerly to explain to people why eating food from big box stores and even your favorite butcher is causing us to get sick and be overweight.  Unless your food source of beef and pork is grass fed and not being shot up with antibiotics and other drugs we are endangering our health by eating this food.  The food industry is obsessed with getting people addicted to food as young as possible.  Also in this site is a documentary on how big business is marketing to children and they are winning big time.


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