Caffeine and Weight Loss
I LOVE coffee.  I loved it so much it was pretty much my “diet” during the day until it was time for me to start prepping for dinner.  The smell of fresh ground beans. There’s nothing like it.  Little did I know it was keeping me from losing weight.  Not to mention the caffeine was robbing my bones of vital nutrients to keep them strong. Although you may feel an initial jolt from your morning cup of “joe”, when it wears off you are actually in... + read more
Pharmaceutical companies are all a buzz about cholesterol and how their drugs are the only way to control “bad” cholesterol. What if everything you thought you knew about cholesterol just wasn’t true?  I found a great video from Dr. John Gray’s site that gives great information on cholesterol.   A CBC, (complete blood count) is routine for a... + read more
Everyone is turning to diet sodas trying to cut calories.  But the truth is diet sodas are putting weight on you not taking it off.  Artificial sweeteners are 300-500 times sweeter than sugar. The tongue measures the sweetness of food and then sends a message to the brain which then determines whether to release insulin to the body.  In turn, the brain releases massive amounts of insulin and when the insulin in our body goes up the body stores it as fat versus burning fat. In... + read more
I had no idea our bodies are made up of over 350 different proteins and good protein and bad protein do exist.  Proteins that don’t break down in your body are doing a lot of harm.  Football players with big guts are a perfect example of what happens when the body cannot breakdown the protein. Dr. Michael Colgan has been studying protein for the past 30 years and he knows protein.  It’s no wonder this 70+ years young Doctor to athletes, and known for doing MANY one... + read more
The fruit juice industry has exploded.  It's being marketed as a health drink.  It is used as part of government food subsidy programs.  There are many critics of fruit juices. Dr Robert Lustig, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at UCA and author of, Fat Chance: The Bitter Truth About Sugar is one of them. He talks of how fruit juice is basically sugar and in his opinion poison.  An eight year old boy who drank 3 glasses of fruit juice a day developed high blood pressure... + read more


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