I’ve been learning that calorie counting is not an effective way to keep our weight and waistlines in check.  The body runs on nutrition, not calories. Always has and always will. Due to the overwhelming use of pesticides, herbicides and now genetically modified food, the food supply is little nutrition to our body at best.  The reality is we’re not getting enough nutrition from our food, which is why we keep eating. We get overweight because of the lack of quality... + read more
Yoga Mats
I really like my yoga mat.  It's durable and has stood the test of time.  What I didn't know was millions of people are eating my yoga mat.  The chemical ADA (Azodicarbonamide) is in as many as 500 supermarket-brand bread products. It is used to make bread products more elastic, spongy and durable and has been liked by the World Health Organization to skin and respiratory problems in food workers.  When ADA is heated it’s broke-down into two questionable... + read more
Skin care is a huge business. In 2011 it was $38 Billion strong.(1)  The cosmetic industry is always coming out with the latest and greatest products to reduce wrinkles,  claiming to make you look years younger. The problem is the product ingredients are so bad for you they do more harm than good. There are chemicals in your skincare and makeup that will induce skin problems, the exact issue you are trying to correct.  Some ingredients are considered a carcinogen.(2) From acne to... + read more


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